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During these uncertain times due to the health emergency, we wanted to create the first 3D virtual cultural tour, one of a kind and never experienced before in Italy, the exhibition Free to… LIVE!

First of all, the2020 Tourwill unfold in 8 Italian Municipalities: Castro, Palermo, Francavilla Fontana, Bari, Rome, Perugia, Turin, Milan and will end in Paris on November 25th on the occasion of the International Day against Violence against Women. During the exhibition, the art works and pieces will be exhibited in historical buildings, symbols of the history and life of the communities. Within the exhibition, institutional events and theatrical performances will be held focusing on the key themes of the project that perfectly reflect the Foundation’s commitment towards theSustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Attention is given especially to Goal 4 and 5 ain particular to gender equality, social inclusion, the economic sustainability of families and transgenerational solidarity within training, information and active citizenship.

Within this website, aside from all the detailed materials and the educational courses based on the innovative Digital and Visual Learning Method, DVL Method 1.0, you will find the 3D virtual visit of the exhibition that will allow you to carefully observe the pieces and read their description within the conceptual development of the three sections of the exhibition: 

Room 1 – Women, heroines of comics and the ideals of feminism 
Room 2 – The Graphic Novel: The Rule of the Emptyness, The Girl in Rags, Voices of Women from Infinite Universes 
Room 3 – Illustrations on Economic Violence: visual representations of a subtle and annihilating violence 

If the Exhibition takes a few more seconds to load, don’t worry. 
Thank you for waiting, we wish you a fantastic experience of culture, music and information! 

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