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We ‘ve realised, in this post-pandemic era, a hybrid didactic methodology that is also an open and always up-to-date platform for teachers and families with the first 3D Virtual Tour for a Cultural Exhibition dedicated to gender equality and women’s rights that is unique in its kind and never experienced in Italy: Libere di… VIVERE!

We are in our fourth year of the Tour, and we have tackled the prevention of economic violence and financial abuse from many angles, with video events that you will find in the postcards, but above all, with our travelling Exhibition here in 3D for you, and we have met with schools and citizenship discussing :

– 2020: Social Inclusion and Economic Violence Prevention

– 2021: Women’s Empowerment between digitisation and sustainability

– 2022: Cybersecurity as a response to the digital dimension of gender-based violence

– 2023: Social Solidarity, Diversity and Health: The Other Faces of Economic Violence


During the physical stages of the Exhibition, the works displayed in Palazzi symbolise the History and Life of the city’s communities. Institutional events and theatrical performances are also held within the Exhibition on the key themes of this Project, which fully reflect the Foundation’s commitment to the Global Goals of Agenda 2030 (Goals 4, 5, 8 and 10), in particular on gender equality, social inclusion, family economic sustainability and transgenerational solidarity on education, information and active citizenship.

In the first 3 years of the Tour, we have met the citizenship of no less than 50 municipalities, and in the first three years alone, as many as :


5887 physical visitors and 84150 digital visitors


On this site, in addition to all the materials in detail and the teaching sheets for school workshops based on the innovative teaching DVL Method 1.0  of Global Thinking Foundation ETS, you will find the 3D Virtual Tour, which will allow you to observe the works up close and read their description, in the conceptual development of the three sections of the Exhibition:


Room 1 – The Women, Comic Book Heroines: Linking Us to the Ideals of Feminism

Room 2 – The Graphic Novels: The Rule of the Void, The Ragged Girl, Women’s Voices from Infinite Universes

Room 3 – The Works of Economic Violence: Representations of a Devious and Annihilating Violence


If the Exhibition takes a few seconds longer to load, don’t worry. There are plenty of works that make their weight felt!

We thank you for waiting and wish you a fantastic experience of culture, music and information! And remember to browse the other sections of the site and the new Galleries!

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