Scarlet Witch

The heroine Scarlet Wich (whose real name is Wanda Maximoff) is a comic book character who made her debut in 1964 within X-Men vol. 1 (No. 4).
Her super power is to be able to alter and mix the various levels of reality, creating alternate versions of it.
Scarlett is the twin sister of Quicksilver, mistakenly believed for some time to be Magneto’s children.
Initially Scarlet Wich was a super villain adversary of the Avengers, but she later becomes a super heroine of the Avengers. In addition, she is believed to be the most powerful mutant in the multiverse.
Scarlet has a love affair with Vision, a powerful android with whom she marries. This story becomes the protagonist of a 4-issue mini-series “Vision and the Scarlet Wich.”










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