In the gardens of the spirit

Here we have a new emblematic figure in our journey through the “Voices of Women from Infinite Universes”.

Eva Mameli Calvino represents the need for women to seize in their studies and scientific careers the opportunity to improve their own destiny and that of others, but also the commitment to herself to never give up a civilised approach, to empathy towards simple people. Apparently serious and reserved (probably the Sardinian character was predominant), in reality she knew how to be close to people in helping them to improve their social condition. With Science as a ‘beacon’, as an operational tool in the social sphere and with her heart representing the courage of decisions.

Her intellectual adventure was immense: she wrote thousands of articles (both scientific and social), she was a lecturer at the Universities of Pavia and Cagliari, she contributed to the creation of two botanical stations of international standing, she recreated Cagliari’s botanical garden and contributed to introducing the concept of respect for nature and the environment into all spheres of society. In addition, she contributed to the post-war agrarian constituent and gave life to cenacles on the importance of nature. She is still remembered as a heroine in Cuba and as a modern naturalist all over the world.

Eva found in her friendship with Mrs. Atkins in Cuba and with Beatrice Duval in Italy, the common reasons to commit themselves together to the economic growth of the weak or to the protection of nature. Women who knew how to turn mutual aid into opportunities for redemption and social innovation. An example for the women of today but above all for those of tomorrow.

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