and the Mystery Spell

This is the wonderful story of Alexandra David-Néel.

The third graphic novel focuses on the aspect of recovery, rebirth and resilience of female life. We are looking at that period between the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – the Victorian era in Great Britain – in which, from the Industrial Revolution to the Suffrage movement, women have assumed awareness of their social role in the world of work and in claiming fundamental rights with strength and determination. So after two graphic novels of denunciation, the time has come to shift our gaze away, where each of us can draw an example and identify with the courage and strong self-determination capacity of courageous and independent women. Certainly not the usual modern icons that we are used to seeing in social networks, and who have already transmitted important values to us, such as Marie Curie and Maria Montessori or Rita Levi Montalcini, but we will instead go to the discovery of women who have been able to take actions reserved only for men, in times when the female condition was linked to a generalized submission.

In the third graphic novel, in the synopsis phase, the stylistic context is dystopian, against the backdrop of a universe inspired by Borges’ suggestions or Escher’s engravings. He imagined a place of universal consciousness, between space and time, where stories of redemption and courage are cataloged in a library: and they are stories of women! This is the wonderful story of Alexandra David-Néel!

The theme of economic violence shifts the focus towards the search for economic independence, the defense of the environment, the respect for inequalities and the defense of the value of diversity.

As well as in the project development path of the GLT Foundation, that has joined Goal 5 with Goal 10, here are new international settings and stories of “free spirits” that lead us towards an adventure comic that leaves ample space for historical and psychological analysis and sustainability issues, more than 100 years before the adoption of the 2030 Agenda by the United Nations.

The Video Novel will soon be available on this page!

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Alexandra and the mystery spell

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